Our Story

SmartSource is dedicated to providing our clients with results-oriented customer service and cost savings. With over 40 years of experience in aviation, hotel, transportation and crew accommodation management, we save our clients money by lowering their lodging costs via our sourcing and contracting solutions.

The long-standing global partnerships we have cultivated over decades with our Hotel and Transportation partners enables us to offer cost-effective, reliable accommodation options for your crew that have been pre-vetted by our management team. We understand crew business, from FAA rules governing rest periods to minimum room requirements that ensure your crews obtain adequate rest. Our goal is to source quality hotel accommodations for crew while providing savings opportunities for the company.

In addition to saving our clients money on accommodations, SmartSource is the first in our space to offer an innovative rebate program. This translates into additional revenue towards your bottom line. All this at no cost to our clients.

SmartSource…the smart source for your lodging needs.

plane taking off